Midnight at Monteton - (2013)

My hottest, freshest, just-out-of-the-French-oven new jazz CD.  With original compositions such as “le tour de Jack” and “Deux Chapeaux,” and knock-out performances by the Farrelly/Markiewicz Jazz Quartet and other brilliant Indianapolis musicians. Not to be missed. (It is my personal favorite, after all.)


Featuring Jim Farrelly/sax, Sandy Williams/guitar, P.J. Yinger/trumpet, Mark Ortwein/bass clarinet, bassists Fred Withrow, Jack Helsley, Dave Murray, and Steve Dokken, Gene Markiewicz/drums, and Kevin Kaiser/percussion.

"A terrific, jazzy release! From ballads, to swing, to blues, Becky Archibald's first record with a jazz combo offers a different and welcome sound. Listen, and you'll agree: Once Is Not Enough." --Don Wolff, St. Louis radio host of I Love Jazz


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