Mood Swing - (2007)

This one is special.  It’s very personal, and one of my favorites.  If you are only going to buy two of my CDs, I would recommend Midnight at Monteton and Mood Swing.  


The drastic shifts in moods from one piece to another, and within the pieces themselves, brought to mind the title “Mood Swing.” Most of these pieces were performed in the “Mood Swing” concert held in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall on May 7, 2006.  I played solo there, but wished that I could have brought some of my friends to play with.  So as a bonus, I’ve added a few ensemble tracks, featuring Ingrid Fischer-Bellman/cello, David Bellman/clarinet, Richard Graef/French horn, P.J. Yinger/trumpet.


“Thoughtful. . .melodic. . .passionate. . .influenced by classical training, but full of jazz improvising.” –Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene 


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