I’m inspired by places I’ve been (Once is Not Enough) and the journey itself (The Long Ride Home.)

I’m inspired by composers (From Mozart to Me, LVB-Bop, Waltz, Anniversary Waltz, Jaggedy Rag, Dizzy ‘N Groovy. . .)

I’m inspired by musicians (Just One Note, le tour de Jack, 5/4/3/2/1, Spring, My Knee Mo’, The Right to Swing, Let’s Try it a Second Time. . .)

I’ve written music for birthdays (Lullaby) and anniversaries (Anniversary Waltz.)

Words can set me off(Egg, Chips (and Beans), Fre(n)ch Frei Fugue.)

I’ve dedicated music to students (Blues for Kathryn) and teachers (Biddle Liddle.)

My music can be scary (Haunted) exciting (Thrill Ride) or soothing (Peace.)

I’ve written in order to learn something new (Midnight at Monteton) and about things I already know (I Know.)

And, of course, I’ve written about love (Moved with Love, Romance, If You Only Knew, Delaney’s Song, Just Like That, At Home, 40’s Love Song. . .)


I’m not done writing yet.  I can make something special for you (Call Me.)


Chamber Music


Bittersweet (French horn/piano) (2005)             

Children at Play – String Quintet (2006)

Dos Para Dos - Violin/Piano suite (2015)

      I. Melaza en enero 

     II. con jamon          

The End of the Beginning – String Quartet (2004)

Fre(n)ch Frei Fugue – cello/piano (2012)             

Haunted – 2 violins, viola, bass, piano (2007)             

I Know - Clarinet/French horn/piano (2006)             

Journey to Egypt – Flute, piano (2006)             

Joy to the World (arr.) – Brass Quintet (2006)             

Last Dance – Guitar/cello (2003)  

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (arr.) - Saxophone Quartet (2014)

A Little Sweet – Violin/cello (2013)

High Heels (2013)

Blissful Ignorance (2013)

Some Sort of Waltz (2013)         

Loose Canon – Piano Quintet (Piano, V, V, vla, cello) (2006)             

Merry Gentlemen Noir - Piano, violin, viola, bass (2005) 

O Holy Night (arr.) - Saxophone Quartet (2015)

Our Day in the Sun - Suite for Viola/Cello (2014)

     I.  carousel pour deux

    II.  petit somme

   III.  cache-cache

   IV.  reveiller

    V.  quadrille    

The Prophecy of the Prof at Sea, in C - Violin/Piano Duet (2015) 

Rocktober – Trumpet/piano (2006)             

Sailing With Ludwig – String Orch, Clar, F Horn, Piano (2007)             

School’s Out (arr.) – French horn, piano (2006)             

Seasons (Suite for Cello and Piano):

Spring (2005) 

Summer (2006)             

Last Days of Winter (2008)             

Leaf Movement (2008)             

Seriously Blue – Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Piano (2007)             

Silent Night (arr.) – Violin, Piano (2001)             

Spring – French Horn (2005)             

Squeeze the Cheese – Cello, Piano (2011)

Summer – French Horn (2006)             

The Why Guy – Fl, Ob, Bsn, F horn, P, Perc (2005)             

There was once on a time a miller. . . – Piano Trio (2009)             

What Child is This (arr.) – Flute, piano (2006)             

What Child is This (arr.) – French Horn Quartet (2007)             

What If? – Large Chamber Orchestra (2001)

Bells and Wheels

Cultural Trail Theme

Becky was recently commissioned by the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) to write a jazz composition for the May 10, 2013 celebration of the completion of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a world-class urban bike and pedestrian path that connects neighborhoods, Cultural Districts and entertainment amenities. Brian Payne, CICF president and founder/leader of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, stated that commissioning Becky to write the theme “was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 12 years at the foundation.”

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